Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Black Valentine

Hey Nerdlings,

Happy Valentines Day. 
We hope you are spending today with your loved ones. :) 

So usually, its a norm to wear red or bright colours on valentines as an expression of love; but who said dull colours cant pass on valentines day?. At the end of the day, its not what you wear necessarily, but how you feel and what feelings you pass on to others. 

The touch of Bee's red flower crown turned her look from edgy to abit more girly; a method that can be used to still give your look that 'red' touch; thats for those who still want to incoperate the 'love' colours into their look this valentine. 

Anyway this is our version of a 'black' valentines; the Stylenerds way, still filled with love. 

P.S This isnt a valentine special post, so no, we didnt plan to wear these on valentines. The post just happened to fall on valentines day. 

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