Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Meet Serena & Blair...

Hey Nerdlings,

So this comes late, but this was actually our Halloween look this year. Which we totally improvised at the last minute. We had so many choices and ideas that we brainstormed but we settled for the Naughty School Girl look. Our alter egos, Serena (Dee) and Blaire (Bee). Especially since we had the oufits and accessories for the look. 

We dressed up to attend the Halloween Party at The Vineyard hosted by Tusker Lite, where we even met Kagwe Mungai who impressed us with his Bane costume. 

We love the whole aspect of dressing up and channeling something or someone just for the day. Something we used to do alot of in our university days. Those who were in USIU with us would agree to this. I guess it allows us to tap into that inner actress, which we find rather fun. 

Anyway, happy BELATED halloween guys. Lol.

Enjoy :) 


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