Thursday, 19 February 2015

White Sparkle

Hello my name is Beata and I’m a cheap ass shopper hehe…

I don’t want or like to use most of my money  on outfits so I opt for cheap outfits that look amazing or I change up ( by adjusting) some of my outfits in my closet. I spend money once in a while to make a customised outfit for special occasions; otherwise my day to day outfits are either cheap or affordable.

Who said you just have to spend to look fashion forward or be stylish?

My look is generally edgy most of the time; I love the grunge look unlike Dee, my fellow blogger on stylenerdskenya who is more girly in her looks. I’m more into black colours and boyish sort of looks. I am the type of the girl who would opt to wear converse shoes and boots over heels.

The top – Gikomba 10 bob
Pants- remember hipstars from way back when?well…… I just adjusted mine
Stunners – Toy - 200
Chequered shirt and Boots- Gift
 but you can get affordable one in gikomba or toy for a price ranging from 30 to 100 bob

Hello and im Diane. The girly one. Yes i do edgy looks but unlike Beata I like colors and i dont mind cute, pretty outfits or looks. Heres a scenerio where i went with a very girly look. 

You can never go wrong with a classic white dress. Even a long white sun dress. :)
This look is perfect for a wedding, lunch with your girls, picnics, and events like blankets and wine.

For that simple look, you can choose between earrings or a necklace. I went with a pendant necklace to give the dress abit of a elegant twist.

I bought this dress in Dubai when on vacay with the family. Dont remember the price. But i just loved how the dress spoke for itself. It doesnt need anything else added to it, so i had to get it

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