Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Valentines Day Lookbook (Club Date)

With valentines around the corner, the word date is a common term. Whether it’s a date with a friend, a date with a special man, a date with a potential lover or even a blind date; finding the perfect outfit to correspond with the perfect date can be tricky.
This is why we decided to create a valentine lookbook that highlights the most popular type of dates in the Kenyan dating scene. In one look, we incorporated red/maroon into the outfits for those of you who want a pop of the color of love in your look. While in the other look, we show you how you can use other colors apart from the norm of red and still stand out.

I paired a lace black top, a maroon skater skirt and black boots. Plus a white sling bag. Since it’s a look for a valentines date, I’d prefer to keep off the usual raev clothes such as a tight short dress and booty shorts; and instead rock a chic but sexy look.

- Paired a short red skirt, with a black top and two tone sandal heels. The hair is up in a bun to bring attention to the outfit as well as give the outfit a classy sexy look. Red stands out so you’ll definitely pop out in the club with a red skirt. And wearing bright red on valentines can be considered shady but not when you look like a stunner in your cute short red skirt

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