Friday, 4 October 2013

GORGEOUS TUTO (Make up, Styling and Designs)

"People will always try to be like you,act like you,but one things for sure,they Can never outshine the master! BE YOURSELF" - June Tuto
Recently i did the Make up&hair, styling and designing for the beautiful MODEL June Tuto's latest photo-shoot. 

Dress Design: Tuto was the first girl i let wear this design after i designed it. She completely loves this dress. I designed it in 2012 August
Make up: I decided to go simple, with red lipstick, i contoured the face, used lashes to enhance her eyes and little black eye-shadow to add onto the intensity. 
Styling: Decided to style the hair down coz the dress is short and  sexy and i thought the hair being down will enhance that. I opted to use the golden pieces because red and gold look good together.

Design: The second design was the African print. I wanted a modern African look for her in this look. Therefore, designed the v neck to add some sexiness and the long length to add onto the elegance of the look. 

Design: I went all bright on this design, i love yellow so i had to design a yellow outfit for Tuto. I wanted the top to be very classy and simple, the back of the top was crisscrossed. As for the skirt, i wanted it simple( has two slits) 
Hair: I put it up in a ban to add elegance to the look. 

Design: Blue lace and paired it with a long skirt( see-through on one leg). I absolutely love flowy skirts therefore i had to cooperate that in Tutos photo-shoot. 

We have been designing for a while(almost 2years) but only for ourselves(during special events) and for people who approach us wanting a design made. 

PHOTOGRAPHY: Andrew Mageto photography