Friday, 29 January 2016

Black Friday

Hey Nerdlings, 

Hope the first month of this new year has gone great for yall.

So once in a while, we all try that 'one-colour everything' look; you know when you just stick to wearing one colour from top to bottom. Well in this post, we both went for an 'all black everything' look. 

Its funny, how people assume wearing an all black look means you are gothic, depressed or dressing up for a funeral. LOL. Well no, it just means you want to wear all black. Thats it. 

One great thing about wearing all black is you can keep it simple, or keep it classy. And thats what we did. While Bee went for a more dressed up look; Dee kept it simple. 

Dee's look
Black Dress - Ksh 500 at Adams Arcade
Black Studded Boots - Ksh 4000 from The States 
Stunnas - Ksh 250 at Adams Arcade

Bees look
Black Mesh Top - Ksh 30 at Gikomba
Black Skater Skirt - Ksh 500 near USIU
Black Heeled Boots - Gift
Chain - DIY

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