Friday, 26 June 2015

I Dont Know About You, But IM FEELING 22...

          Hi Nerdlings. Dee writing for a change, but still with Bee's login...

So the 15th of June happened to be my 22nd birthday. Didn't I have the most eventful birthday ever! First a trip to Naivasha with close friends, then celebrating at Cold Stone with colleagues, then a surprise birthday dinner. Ofcourse not all on the same day but within the same week...
Now this post is simply a showcase of what I wore during the day and at night. Trust me to have a photo-shoot that following Friday of the outfits I wore on both occasions. :) :) 


Because my birthday landed on a weekday, it meant i'd have to spend it at work, so I decided to go with a sexy but formal look.

After work, I went to Cold Stone. Didn't bother changing though...
By the way, just to mention, their customer service is amazing. I was sang for by the staff as well as I had the opportunity to go behind the counter to make my own ice cream ("birthday cake remix") from scratch. How cool is that?!!

Outfit Details
Sheer Top with Raffle Detail - 250Ksh
Gold Pencil Skirt - 500Ksh (Store Near USIU)
Heeled sandals - 2500Ksh (From the States)


My beautiful friends, Bee (fellow blogger) and Hellen Mwayo, planned a surprise birthday dinner at Zen Garden for me. Having thought we were just going out for a girls night out, I wore the tiniest, sexiest outfit. Hehe. The eyes I got at the restaurant. Hahaha.

The dress code (decided by Beata) was all black for everyone else and of course all white for the birthday girl, hence the change of shoes to white heeled sandals as per Beatas wishes. 
And trust most of the guys not to follow the dress code. Smh. Lol. 

So Beata had wanted me to do a bun as she felt that would go best with the outfit, but I instead opted for a curly one sided hair-do. A bun just felt too cliche after i found out we were going for dinner. 

Outfit Details
Chain - Gift
White Denim Jacket - Gift
White Lace Romper - 400Ksh (Toi)
Black Boots - 500Ksh (Town)


  1. legs for days ha?
    looks good and happy belated birthday ?)

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    2. Hehe, yes.
      Thank you. Plus for the birthday wish. :) :)

  2. I like the golden pencil skirt and the white denim jacket

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