Friday, 24 April 2015

Tiny Mini

Hello StyleNerdlings!!!!

Sorry about not posting last week. my laptop had major issues but its fixed now :)
Random facts: 
1. Dee is a cake fanatic and Im an ice Cream Addict

2. Dee eats every type of meat apart from any sea food. I don't eat any type of meat apart from sea food :D

3. We have so many similar clothes its insane, although at times we pair them differently

This time we decided to pair these tiny minis with sweatshirts. Dee went for a more casual/ tomboy look i went for more girly look.

Bees Look
Sweatshirt - Gift 2000 from Dee
Skirt - DIY ( Used to be a pull neck, I adjusted and turned it into a skirt hehe )
Shoes - Gift 6000 (Just Fab)
Stunners - 1, 000 Enkarasha - they shut down though :(
Chain - DIY

Dees Look
Sweatshirt - 300 (Adams Arcade)
Skirt - DIY (Used to be long made it into a mini )
Shoes - 2500 (From States)
Stunners - Gift

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