Friday, 27 March 2015

Dress Down

Hello Nerdlings!!

More facts about Beedee!!!

                   1. I am messy as hell, my clothes are always everywhere, especially when theres an event or Im going out.....  as for Dee, she's organised as hell, like insanely organised, even after 3 or 4 hours of having a shoot she will fold all the clothes and place them systematically

              2. I am obsessed with superheroes, batman comics and superhero cartoons (mostly batman related) as for Dee she's really into cars, she knows things that normals girl don't even know.

           3. We have our own happy dance, that we normally do when we are excited :D

     4. We love re creating looks from stuff we already got from way back when

5. When I buy a fashion piece i wear it right away, like the next day and so many days after, as for Dee she saves clothes, so she ends up not wearing pieces she bought coz she's always saving that piece... she takes the longest time.

Bees Look

I decided to dress down a raev / clubbing dress and turn it into a look i can wear during the day without it looking too much

Neck piece - Stolen from a friend hehe (she got it from Turkey)

Dress - Gift

Sweater - 30 bob Gikomba

Shoes - Ngomas (From Bata)

Dees Look

Shoes - 4000ksh (From the States)

Stunners - 250 Adams Arcade

Dress - 500 Adams Arcade

Necklace - 200 (Diani Beach from Beach Boys)

Belt - DIY


  1. 30 Bob Sweater? Lol...Cheap bitchez. I'm sure you probably have the audacity to tell a guy that they got no style when the cheapest item they've worn is sh. 1500.. 20 times worth your whole outfit. LOL!

    1. why you mad though.hahahaha. Did we tell you you got no style or what?? Haha haha

      Go to the other posts i've bought some for 10 bob leave that 30 you're talking about. Haha. Damn right we are cheap. Don't you forget it. Haha.
      why you anonymous though? Haha.. are you scared of us? Hahaha. Thank you for visiting the blog. Come again hahaha.

    2. Why so bitter though?? Hmm. And also why you anonymous? Do you not want us to know who you are? Lol.

      Be informed we are the queens of cheap and we dont give a rat's ass. Style is not determined by the cost of your clothes but by how you mix and match what you got. So even if all our clothes are worth 20bob, as long as we can rock them, thats what matters. :) Although its not our fault we can look better in cheap clothes than other people who hustle to buy expensive shit. Haha.

      Anyway, whether you like or dislike our blog as a whole or our looks, its okay. Coz at the end of the day you still adding to our total pageviews. So thank you. Be sure to check out our next post. Haha.

  2. I am so excited by the Cardigan @ 30 shillings. Gikomba, a specific seller or place ? Or is there a way you get your stuff

    1. Hey Lucy.
      We usually go there ourselves. What we usually do when we go there, we just go to the main open market. Where they shout out prices of items. I never go to any seller in specific i just look for pieces around the open market, so you find some selling sweaters, others tops, skirts and dresses.

  3. Thanks a lot Beata. I like your blog too much plus thanks a lot on replying.

    1. Thank you. We are here to help :)
      Keep checking the blog every week.

  4. i am even telling some fashion style lovers about it. And i will visit always.