Thursday, 12 March 2015

Button Up


Five random facts about BeeDee 

1. The one thing we always do after our blog photoshoots is eat and eat and eat!!

2. Dee rarely wears makeup and when she does its only eye liner and lipstick while I wear make up everyday and its the whole shebang!! but not extreme. 

3. Dee has only put on a weave once and i had to convince her, as for me, the last time I had another hairstyle apart from a weave was back in 2011

4. We really care about school, grades and getting our own. Dee is super smart, she graduated with Cum Laude honours, REAL LIFE NERD! As for me, I am very business minded and I see business opportunities in everything I do. I get and try to get paper using my talents and knowledge in a particular field. 

5. We don't like spending too much money on fashion and beauty but the one thing Dee will spend money on is shoes. As for me, its hair!! only Jesus the saviour and my bank account know how much money has gone into buying my weaves. I always want amazing quality that can last a while and they must simply look impeccable!! 

So my puppy decided  to join us, he refused to go away, so don't mind him hehe.

We finally gave him some attention hehe. Cute little thing

Bees Look

Wrap - DIY

Shirt - Gikomba 30 bob

Skirt - Near USIU 500 ksh

Bracelet - Gift

Chain - DIY

Shoes - Dees

Stunners- Toy 200 ksh

Dees Look

Shirt - 250 ksh

Shorts - An old pair of jeans i decided to make them into shorts

Shoes - 800 ksh

Necklace - Diani Beach ( from beach boys)

Geek glasses - Adams Arcade 250 ksh